The Tru Trip Deep Diver by Big Fish Tuff Tackle is a Great Deep Diver that has a deep dive curve that gets your bait down to the fish; without long leads to get tangled. The trip-out function really helps get the fish up and out of the other lines to eliminate tangles. The Tru-Trip Deep Diver actually is buoyant with an average spoon size, where other divers sink more times than not. A great product that actually works as designed. We use the Tru-Trip Deep Diver everyday through the summer season with great results. I highly recommend it.- Capt. Keith Unkefer, Pooh Bear Charters, Port Clinton, OH  |  Visit PoohBear Charter


Dan, Just wanted to let you know how great the tru trips are working for us! The quick dive curve and the easy release let us run 16/18 lines easily! Because of the quick dive and the depth we can get, we have virtually stopped using dipsy divers! The colors available cover any application of water clairity we have. Thanks for devloping the  Tru trips! We look forward to another great year of using this amazing product. - Capt. Bob Hayner, Eagle Eye Charters, Marblehead, OH  |  Visit EagleEyeCharters.Com


Our family has been guiding in the western and central basins of Lake Erie for 30 years and we've never seen a diver produce fish as consistently as the Tru-Trip Deep Diver. Today, Tru-Trip is the only diver we use. In shallow or deep water, Tru-Trip has significantly increased our success rate. I support the Tru-Trip Deep Divers 110%! Thank you Big Fish Tuff for being the key to our success. - Capt. John Gribble, DB Sport Fishing Charters, Madison, OH  |   Visit DBSportFishing.Com


The Tru-Trip Deep Diver is by far the best diver I've ever used. Tru-Trip pins baits to the bottom like no other - even in heavy currents they're stable and solid. The release mechanism is a great feature for playing out big salmon or bringing in baits in heavy current. No diver drag!

Tru-Trip belongs in the tackle arsenal of professional guides and private fisherman alike. Thank you Big Fish Tuff for devoloping such a fine product. -Laine W Lahndt, Master Guide/Outfitter, Kasilof, AK  | Visit Laine's Guide Service


BudMan Charters has used this product for the last two years for numerous reasons, first it is made here in the United States, is a high quality product, easier for customers to bring fish to the net and most importantly it consistently catches a variety of game fish. The product works well with crank baits, spoons and harnesses and comes in numerous colors. I would seriously recommend Tru-Trip Divers to all serious anglers, a must have item in every fisherman's arsenal. It is great to see a company develop a product in the United States knowing the cost would be higher but also knowing it would be done right. Salute to Big Fish Tuff Tackle Company. - Capt. Ron Gribble, Budman Charters, Marblehead, OH  |  Visit BudManCharters.Com


Well today we purchased another dozen of the 40 tru-trip deep divers from Dan Heyne of Big Fish Tuff Tackle Company. We are very impressed with the new colors and also the passion that Dan has put into his products. The reaserch and development for his products are next to none, if you have any problems Dan will make it right by repairing or replacing. Try that with lur-jenson or walker products. Bottomline is these divers work very well and we are very pleased with our walleye sucess and will continue using Big Fish Tuff Tackle Equipment. We are scheduled to have Dan come to New York and we are going to record our sucess with the mighty King Salmon using the 50 Jets. - Capt. Tom Straus, Erie Drifter Sportfishing, Oak Harbor, OH  |  Visit ErieDrifter.Com


We have been using Tru Trips for the past two years and they are by far the best diver on the market for dependability, depth consistency and ease of use.  They are fast and effective! Tru Trips will get your bait where you need it – where the fish are. We use both 40 and 50 Tru Trips on the Western and Central Basins of Lake Erie and they produce Walleye. Even at depths greater than 50 feet. Thank you to all of the Tru Trip family!!    Captains Tim and Vicki Caruthers, T&V Charters  |   Visit TnVCharters.Com


Tru-Trip Divers absolutely out-perform every other diving product on the market, hands down!  They achieve greater depths with shorter leads, and they do it with flawless consistency!  Fishing the shorter leads has eliminated our constant worry of tangling lines together.  The release feature lets our clients fight the fish, NOT the fishing tackle!  No other diver on the market has made trolling faster, easier, and more productive than the Big Fish Tuff Tru-Trip Diver!!!  Thank you for such an incredible product!

Capt. Eric Litton

'Eye-Catcher Charters', Marblehead, Ohio